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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 6 ~ November 4, 2001
~ To be sick or not to be

Well this is a first for me, morning sickness. Actually it's all day nausea that I'm feeling. I was lucky, I guess you would say, with the boys; I never had to deal with morning sickness. It has been a feeling of not wanting anything to eat one day and wanting anything that's not nailed down the next. Over the last few days, the feeling has been back to not wanting to eat anything. I'm cooking for the boys and Mike but not eating more than a bite here and there. Thank goodness for crackers and still wanting to drink.

As if feeling green wasn't bad enough, I must have slept wrong one night as I woke to not being able to move my left arm or my head to the left. Oh, the joys of Tylenol and the heating pad . . . now if I only took the Tylenol. I'm doing like I did with both boys, trying not to take anything unless absolutely necessary. Part of me know that I can take the Tylenol, but the other part knows that Tylenol doesn't do much good for me so why bother. I've been enjoying lying around with the heating pad and the nice hot pounding shower. I did get off my tail this morning and did part of my Yoga Moma and part of my Tae-Bo and feel much better. I think that if I'm able to keep the green feeling away long enough to get in at least 15 minutes in right now, I'll feel so much better.

Other than the nauseated feelings, I'm not feeling much different in any other aspect of the pregnancy. My breasts are still about the same, feel like rocks and that they weigh about 3 lbs each. No change in weight and clothes still fit. I'm wondering how long I'll be able to go with my regular clothes with this being the third time. I was able to wear regular clothes with Matthew until I was 5-6 months and until I was 4-5 months with Zackary. Will have to go shopping for some pants; I'm hoping to get by with my sweats and overalls for a bit as I loaned all my pants from Zack out to a "friend" and she moved without returning them. Oh well! At least I will have an excuse to go shopping!

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