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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 7 ~ November 11, 2001
~ Baby Spot

Well this week has been pretty good for us. It seems that I am having more good days than bad with the nauseated feeling. I am still having the green feelings but that is along with heartburn and indigestion in the evenings, which I wasn't expecting this early in the pregnancy. Oh well, at least I can have Tums to help out.

I can say that we are noticing that my tummy is becoming more noticeable during the evening. I haven't gained any weight yet, but as the day progresses you can tell that I have a little bit of a baby spot there. Luckily I'm still pretty comfortable in a couple of my jeans; I can tell that things are starting to shift even though there is no weight difference.

With winter coming and the leaves falling, we had to do some cleaning up outside this weekend. The boys helped us get the leaves together and had a ball playing in them. While we were cleaning up, I had to stop for my mid afternoon potty break. When I stopped I noticed that I was spotting. It was brown, so I know that it was old blood. I decided to take it easy the rest of the day and the boys watched movies with me, which was a nice thing as they are always going close to 200 miles per hour! Mike was such a sweetie and finished up the yard, took the boys to Grandma's then came back and cooked dinner. I haven't had anymore spotting so I'm guessing it was just one of those things that happens. I have spotted with both boys but not until the second trimester, so this was earlier than I thought I would.

I have my appointment Tuesday with the OB nurse. I was supposed to go on Monday but they had to reschedule which works out better for me anyway. I will give them a call and let them know about the spotting; they will probably work in a visit with the doctor.

Have a good week, until next time smile

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