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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 8 ~ November 18, 2001
~ Early Pregnancy Woes

This week has been a week of ups and downs. As I had said last week I had been dealing with spotting over the weekend and it continued through the next few days. I called the doctor to let them know and he wanted to do an HCG count that Monday. Not only did I get to go in for the blood draw, I also had to get a Rhogam shot due to being RH-. All I can say is Ouch! That one shot hurts like heck!

I had my ob nurse appointment scheduled for Tuesday and went in for the question and answer game. It wasn't too bad, other than she was running behind and I had to wait. I had to have a Tb skin test that day along with all my other blood work. I didn't notice any reactions to it so that is good to know; I didn't think I would though. While I was at the office, I was able to find out my count from the HCG; it was 38,333 which is great for about 7 weeks. The nurses said the numbers were great and that I only needed to do one more count to make sure it was going up again, so I was scheduled for Wednesday morning.

My mom went with Zack and I so that she could sit with him while I was having the blood drawn. But the nurse that I had that day thought that the numbers were high enough we should be able to see something on ultrasound! So she went off and found my doctor who had been off the previous day and he said yes, let's try! I had to come back that afternoon for the ultrasound and it was a great relief to see the baby on the screen with its heart just a fluttering! Baby measured right on 7 weeks 2 days which puts me right on date for July 1 and was 7.5 cm long.

I know that no two pregnancies are alike, but this one is so far different from my other two. I would say that my pregnancies with Matthew and Zackary where pretty much the same, symptom wise and such. This one is so different, having an hcg count, an early ultrasound, spotting this early and morning sickness. All of these are things that I didn't have until I was in the second trimester with the boys.

The morning sickness is back full force over the last few days. I'm going to start the B6 tonight and see if it helps any. I hoping it will help to ease it up so that I feel human again. Between being so tired and feeling so nauseated I'm not up to doing much. Thank goodness Mike is off this week and is able to help out; I don't know what I would do without him. He's being such a doll, guess he's afraid not to though. I've been having crying fits due to these lovely hormones.

I hope that everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving has a wonderful holiday and to those who don't, I hope that you have a wonderful week anyway.

Until next week . . .

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