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Dawn's Pregnancy Journal

Week 9 ~ November 25, 2001
~ Thanksgiving

I think that when I did feel like eating I did way too much this week! With Thanksgiving and all, man I feel like I should have gained 10 pounds. We had a luncheon with Matt at school on Wednesday and I actually was able to eat a bit of lunch with him. I seem to be going two to three days with feeling pretty good then a few days of feeling not so good. Well the day before turkey day and turkey day were some of those not so good days. I was able to do more than I thought as far as actually eating a meal. I hope that everyone who celebrates Thanksgiving had a good one. We did for the most part. My mom came and helped cook dinner with me and the boys. My dad and Mike were out doing the guy thing that my family does; hunting.

Not a lot has been going on with the pregnancy other than still having the morning/all day sickness. Actually I've been feeling pretty good once I can overcome the nauseated feeling. I found a little trick that seems to help with the morning sickness; it's not the best thing in the world but it helps me to feel human again. My little helper is a Coke in the little glass bottles and peanut butter crackers. The Coke has to be in the glass bottles and the crackers must be the round ones! I know the Coke isn't the best thing with the caffeine and all but man, it sure seems to work!

We still haven't told Mike's family of the pregnancy yet. We found out the Christmas plans today for his family and he's decided to wait until then and just do a family announcement to all of them! We really won't have a choice as I'm already starting to show a bit. I have a bit of a pouch going on already! I wasn't really sure how long I would make it before needing the maternity clothes; well I guess I know now. My mom was nice enough to buy me a few pairs of pants and a handful of shirts for Christmas. Now I only have to make it until then with what I have, and I think I can do it.

We have our first official OB appointment this week! I can't wait for this to be a scheduled appointment and not an emergency one. Not sure if we will be able to hear the heartbeat or not, but when I saw Dr. G last time he said we would surely try.

Have a good week, until next time . . .

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