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Birth Story
~ Welcome Wyatt Christian!

Baby WyattWell as you can see by the title we made it and we welcomed our second son on December 18th, 2008. He was born at 1:40 pm and weighed 6 lbs 14 oz and was 19 inches long. My birth story starts with my last check up on December 17th when my doctor again was surprised that the baby hadn't come yet based on all the progress I had already made and with how low the baby was. So when I went in she mentioned that I could be induced if I wanted. I again had second thoughts but after a long discussion and some prayer, I decided to go for it. That evening when I got home after work, I felt really weird knowing that in the morning we would be headed to the hospital and we would have another baby by tomorrow night! I was very anxious and even felt as if I might go into labor that evening. I had my parents pick up Tanner that night and Dereck and I tried to sleep.

We were at the hospital at 7 am and they started the pitocin by 8:00. I could feel the cramping start to increase and around 10:30 I told Dereck he better go get something to eat before I start progressing to the point of labor and he would then be starving and grumpy. He doesn't like to skip meals! I asked for some stadol around 10:45 and I felt really, really messed up. Reminded me of some old college days if you know what I mean!! I was slowing starting to dilate up to a 4 then a 5. By 11:30 I asked for the epidural. The contractions were getting very intense and very close together and I decided not to fight it anymore or try and be a martyr. The man of the hour came in right away and I was happy to see him.

Tanner and WyattWell, from there things got a little crazy. Dereck was sitting across the room from me while I was getting the miracle medicine and he watched the whole thing. He did NOT do that with Tanner and I was surprised that he did this time. Well they had just layed me down after inserting the catheter when I said to my nurse, "I don't feel good, I feel really light headed." From across the room, I hear the exact words from Dereck. Next thing I know my nurse was hitting the call button and three nurses came running in. I lift my head to look at the foot of my bed and there he is, out cold. Ok, now, I've been fortunate in my life not to witness much illness or fainting of any loved ones, so I didn't really know what it looks like to see someone pass out. So, when I see him, white as a sheet, eyes completely glazed over and his hands jerking about, I freaked out! I really thought at that moment that he either had a heart attack or a seizure. Of course, I start crying and I wonder what is going on. It took them almost 2 minutes to get him to come out of it because they couldn't get him to lay down to get the blood flowing again. Finally they got him to a cot and . . . Wham, He's back! He had no idea that he actually passed out; he just thought that he was "going" to pass out. So here I am laying in bed and he's at the foot of my bed layed out and we can't see each other, we can only hear each other. About this time, I feel really sick to my stomach and only the left side of my body is going numb from the epidural. Next thing I know, my nurse checks me and I'm already at a 10 and 100% effaced. Panic set in because I was afraid the right side of my body would still be able to feel it all, and I was NOT looking forward to that. My doctor came in and started to get everything ready and fortunately the epidural starting working the way it should. Dereck was up on his feet now and looked much better (they did bring a chair to put next to him just in case!) and I was just waiting for them to tell me to start pushing.

Tanner and WyattNow I'm not one that is real comfortable with praying out loud; I'm Catholic, and we just weren't raised that way. If we pray out loud it's usually recited. But the thing about Dereck is that he has taught me to pray using my own words and not to feel "weird" by it. So I took a moment before pushing and took Dereck's hands and asked him if I could pray with him. I prayed for a safe delivery, for God to watch over me, my doctor and nurses and to watch over the little miracle that was about to enter the world. I felt a presence and calm come over me and I knew that I could do what I had to do to get this baby into the world. The contractions came, I pushed. They came again, I pushed again. Two more times and poof . . . Wyatt was born! I'm not one to brag about how short my labor was, but it was incredible to push that quickly and for Wyatt to appear. I think the epidural was actually better this time versus with Tanner because I could still feel the contractions and knew when and where to push.

It was so awesome to see what he was, and the look on Dereck's face when they said it was a boy. I think we were both really happy and not really surprised. We both kept saying it was boy the whole time. He looked so much like Tanner at first and I was happy that he looked good and had all ten fingers and toes. It was wonderful to call my family and for my Mom and Dad to bring Tanner to the hospital. We had Tanner come in first by himself so he could be the first one to meet his little brother. He was so happy to see "his" baby and he couldn't stop saying how he loves his baby.

Denise and familyWe made it home two days later and we were able to spend Christmas at home. I have to say that the best gift was Wyatt and we feel truly blessed to have him in our lives. The past two weeks have been filled with ups and downs. Wyatt failed his hearing screening at the hospital so we go back this week to have it re-tested. He is really struggling to nurse, but I haven't given up. It just takes a little longer and a little more patience. Tanner is fine with Wyatt, but is struggling with the less Mommy and Me time. I do my best to give him attention when I can, but I admit, it's not as much as I should. I know that we will all work through it and we'll find our routine down the road. I'm just really happy to have my body back (with some additional pounds and extra saggy skin) and to sleep on my back again . . . and the snoring went away, hooray! Amazing how our bodies adjust again after delivery. I feel pretty good overall, just the typical lack of sleep, but as long as I get a shower a day, I'm good to go. Dereck has been an amazing helper with everything, especially with Tanner. It's good to see them doing more things together now that I'm out of the picture most of the time feeding Wyatt. I'm so proud of our little family and I'm excited to watch my boys grow up.

Thank you all so much for following my story and I wish the best of luck to those that are expecting or trying to conceive. It's and incredible journey and I appreciate the opportunity to share it with you.

God Bless!
~ Denise

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