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Denise's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Denise

DeniseMy name is Denise (35) and I'm happily married to the man of my dreams, Dereck (39). I love that our names start with the same letter (a little dorky, but I think it's cute). We met in 1997 and I was so excited when he asked me out because he was the first guy I'd gone out with in a long time that was actually taller than me! He was such a gentleman on our first date that I almost didn't go out with him again because I thought he was TOO nice, can you believe that? The reality was that I didn't recognize that was how a woman is supposed to be treated. Thank goodness I went out with him again because within six months of dating I knew that he was "the one". We got married in 1999 and enjoyed living freely with trips, outings and lounging on the couch for hours at a time on Saturdays doing nothing.

We decided to take the plunge in the baby department and were blessed April 17, 2005 with the arrival our little buddy Tanner (or T-Rex as Dereck likes to call him). He is such a great combination of us both and we've really enjoyed watching him grow. Our lives have definitely changed from those "couch-fest" Saturdays, but it's undoubtedly for the better.

This past year we decided to jump the baby band wagon again and see if God would be kind and bless us with another little miracle and He did. We are expecting baby #2 on December 24th and are both excited. We can't wait to see what this little one is (we're going the surprise route again) and how this one will fit in with our goofy family. But most of all we look forward to watching Tanner become a wonderful big brother!

~ Denise

Denise and DereckTanner
Tanner sleeping

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