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Week 24
~ Disrupted Sleep

Yes, I know that once you have children you never truly sleep "through the night" ever again. But that doesn't make it easier. I guess I should be thankful that Tanner is potty trained not only during the day but at night too. I know that some kids still need to wear pull ups until they are 4 and 5 but that little stinker Tanner has been waking up 2-3 times a night to go potty since he got out of diapers. You say "we'll that's great, think of all the money you save on pull-ups" . . . but when he wakes me up each time, that's not so great. I haven't figured it out yet why he insists on needing my help, but he will NOT go by himself. It's either because he's scared of the dark (which I've now fully invested in nightlights for every outlet possible on the path from his room to the bathroom) or that when we switched him to a "big boy bed" we drilled in to his head that he is not allowed to get out of it until morning. So now when he has to go, I go. And I mean literally, I go too. I swear that my body now has decided to get on the same cycle he's on. He pees, I pee. I know, TMI, but it's now a joke in our house. I keep telling myself that I will be thanking him when this new baby comes and my body will be used to getting up a few times a night but at least then I'll be on maternity leave and I can take naps, right? Oh well, who needs 8 hours a night anyway?

Other than that, I seem to be feeling ok. I go to the doctor tomorrow and I'm definitely not looking forward to stepping on the scale or as I refer to it as "THE SCALE OF DOOM" but I'm eating for two right? Actually, I'm a little excited about this appointment because I'm bringing Tanner along for the first time. I hope that he shows some interest when we listen to the heartbeat. He seems to understand that there is a baby in mommy's belly and that it's getting bigger, but I wonder how much does a 3 year old really get?

Not much planned for the weekend; it seems that fall has decided to peek it's head out for a few days, so maybe we'll hit some walking trails and just do a whole-lotta-nothin'. I'll let you know how my appointment went when I write next week and I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

God Bless,
~ Denise

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