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Week 25
~ How much??!!

Ok, so I knew I'd been a fatty the past two weeks by indulging in every fattening food possible but I still wasn't fully prepared for the number that appeared when I stepped on the scale at the doctor's. I can't even blame it on the holidays yet! So, needless to say, my lunches and dinners have taken a turn towards leafy and boring.

Other than that, the appointment went well and the baby sounds great. Tanner was with me and of course he's more interested in all the gadgets in the room than what's going on, but he did say the heartbeat sounded like "hunder" (T's haven't been mastered yet in our house). I will have the Glucose test the next visit and then from there I'll be on the every two week rotation (third trimester already!). That in itself blows my mind. I can't believe how quickly time is passing and I have to fight the urge to panic with all the things I feel I have to get done before this little munchkin arrives. I haven't even broached the subject of maternity leave with my employer. I didn't want to hit him with it yet when we just hired another person and are in the midst of training her (small family company).

Sometimes I still can't believe that we are having another baby; it seems even more surreal than the first time around. I try to picture what this one will look like, but the only image I can conjure up is Tanner when he was a newborn. At this point I feel like it's another boy, but I don't really trust it because I swore Tanner was going to be a girl. I'm still happy with our decision not to find out the sex on this one as well. I think it's harder on everyone else, especially grandmas, but I feel there are so few good surprises in life that I wasn't going to deprive myself of this one. So everyone will just have to wait and see! Dereck really wants another boy, and I think it's because he's terrified of having a girl but I think it would be sweet to see him with a daughter. Regardless, all we truly wish and pray for is a safe delivery and a healthy child.

We don't have much planned for the weekend, just the regular routine of catching up on errands and laundry from the work week . . . fun.

Have a great weekend everyone!
~ Denise

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