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Week 28
~ Sounds Like a Chainsaw

The snoring curse has arrived! I snored pretty seriously with Tanner but it wasn't until the last few weeks, but I guess I'm starting early (like everything else) by raising the roof with my snoring. Last night was the third night that I was awoken with "nudge, nudge, hey, roll over on your side, you're snoring". My response, "I'm already on my side" since that's the the only position left at this point, and within seconds, I'm back asleep and you guessed it, snoring immediately. I can't help it! I feel bad because I'm keeping him awake, but I hate the idea of sleeping in separate rooms for the next three months. So I rolled out of bed and checked into the guest room and slept really good. I told Dereck this morning that it's been wonderful sleeping with him for the past 9 years, but I guess that we need to "separate" until this baby arrives. What a way to celebrate our 9 year anniversary! I know, it's not that big of deal, but I love my bed and I love to snuggle with him. Maybe it's just a short stage and it'll pass, but until I stop, I don't think we'll be spooning for a while!

This week went by really fast and I can't believe tomorrow is Friday. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow along with the glucose test. I hope that the scale is nice to me this time and that my test comes back fine. (I have to remember to ask her about getting a flu shot too.) The baby is very active and I love to try and guess what body part is pushing here and there. I find myself noticing more and more babies when I'm out and about and a smile comes to my face and my heart warms thinking about the day to come when I get to hold this little miracle. I hope it has my brown eyes!

We have a fairly busy weekend, we are going to my old high school's homecoming football game tomorrow night, I have a baby shower for my cousin on Saturday and then we are going to try and hit the pumpkin patch on Sunday. The weather is beautiful and we hope to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Thanks for following along this week and I hope to have good news next week regarding my doctor's visit!

~ Denise

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