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Week 29
~ Over the Hills and Through the Woods . . .

. . . To Grandma's house he goes. Tanner left less than 30 minutes ago and I already miss him like crazy. Dereck's Mom and Dad came up this morning from Arkansas and we all spent the day together. I packed Tanner's bag and toys and strapped him in Papa's car and waved as they pulled away. Of course, I did all the crying. Tanner just sat there and waved excitedly and said, "I'll see you in 5 night-nights." He's been excited for a week (which in kid-time that's almost 5 months!). I know it will do us all some good having this respite before the baby comes, but I will still miss him very much. Dereck and I have a huge list of things to get done while he's gone and while I'm anxious to cross things off the list, I'm really looking forward to some much needed down time.

My doctor's appointment last Friday went well and I passed my Glucose test with flying colors. My weight wasn't bad either and while listening to the baby's heartbeat with the doppler, we got to hear it hiccupping. I'm pretty sure it has hiccups a lot because/there are a lot of times of rhythmic movement from the belly region. I feel pretty good still, just the sleeping part is getting pretty depressing. Dereck and I are still on the every other night routine of one of us moving to the spare room with all my snoring. I sure hope it stops once the baby is born. Wait, why am I worried, there isn't any sleep at all once the baby comes right? No sleep means no snoring-ha ha.

We are still blank in the girl's name department and no progress on a boy's middle name. I'm guessing at this rate we'll be in the hospital before we can agree on anything.

I've already starting the "nesting" stage (according to Dereck) with all the things I want to get out, get ready and go through. I'm sure it's driving him nuts, but that's what we women do. Our destiny is to drive our husbands crazy!!

My next appointment is this Friday and then we head south to pick up little man. You'll probably get a second posting later this week since I'm behind this week and we'll be out of town the next. Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is enjoying a bit of nice fall weather!

~ Denise

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