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Week 32
~ Again!?!?

First, I'm sorry about the debbie downer posting last week. I guess it was just my way of dealing with being so tired. Which brings me to the title of my posting for this week. I'm so tired because I have another cold! I feel so disappointed by my efforts to keep hands clean, door knobs wiped down and to purge Tanner of his day-care cooties as soon as I pick him up. I guess it's just another wonderful part of pregnancy. I'm off tomorrow so I'm hoping to maybe catch a nap and just lounge most of the day before taking Tanner out for Trick-or-Treating. Tanner is very excited to be a cowboy and has been working on his "howdy partner" all week. Dereck was able to make sure he didn't have any late appointments and I'm happy to say that we are going as a family.

My doctor's appointment went fine this morning, and everything is where it's supposed to be. Even my weight gain wasn't too bad! I has happy about that. The baby is very active and Dereck sat with me last night for a good ten minutes with his hands on my belly. He hasn't really felt that much movement at once before and according to him, it's "freaky." He says that he's so proud of how strong I've been throughout this process (which of course I don't feel that I have been) and can't imagine how uncomfortable I must be. My belly button is nearly non-existent.

Dereck and I made progress one night this week . . . we actually slept in the same bed ALL night! Neither one of us got up due to my snoring habit I've picked up. It was wonderful to feel him next to me and to hear his rhythmic breathing during the night. Oh, how I've missed it. Out goal is to get at least three nights this upcoming week. We only made it until 2:30 last night, darn it).

Well, we've got a fairly busy weekend, Dereck has to work a home show and we've got Halloween and then we are celebrating my Mom's birthday on Saturday. Hopefully Sunday will be a good day to catch up on some house chores and even some more progress on the baby's room (which is where we caught another mouse this week, ewwwww!). I'm so over the mouse thing, too bad they aren't as cute as Ratatouille.

The weather is making one last warm appearance and we will try and make the most of it before it's gone for the winter. I hope to have some pictures next week from our Halloween night and thanks again for reading my entry.

~ Denise

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