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Week 10
~ First Hurdle Crossed!

Welcome Week 10!!! My first major hurdle to cross, and we've made it. We are now one-quarter through and everything is NORMAL!!! I still feel uncomfortable about celebrating as it is still early days but all the signs are positive--sore nipples that look really gross, getting up twice at night to wee (some say it's early training for the sleepless nights to come!!), and the tiredness and queasiness all suggest everything is going well.

I must admit I'm finding it strange not being followed up so closely anymore -- I haven't seen the midwife since week 8 and no plans for a scan until 18 weeks. I was so closely monitored during the IVF (every second day), that I am feeling a little neglected -- which is normal, but I think I will ask my midwife for an earlier scan, just to pacify the anxious mother!!!

Lionel and I spent the weekend in New Plymouth, a 4 hour journey south. We stayed with my good friend Angela, and I had a great time. Saturday I had no queasiness or tiredness at all and did so much. We went up to the ski fields (it is winter down in New Zealand), went to a rugby game and then went out for dinner at a local pub with a friend of Lionel's who has transferred down there from the Auckland ambulance service.

Must say how overwhelming the response to my journal has been. I have had many E-mails from lovely people all over the world. It is so nice to be a member of this special family. I look forward to sharing all our pregnancies during the upcoming months.

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