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Week 12
~ Murphy's Law

The baby is fine!! The scan showed a tear along the top of the placenta, away from the baby. The baby is the correct size for age and was seen having a grand old time moving around and wondering what all the fuss has been about! The radiologist (who turned out to be the chief radiologist at the hospital I work at) said that if everything stays calm and relaxed, there is no reason why the bleed won't settle down and not be a concern from now on. So I'm starting to relax a lot more but still very wary. I stayed off work for the rest of the week and will go back to work next week but for shortened hours. I don't plan on getting too stressed at work; it is just not worth it. This baby is so special that if I had to give up work, there would be no question of me doing so.

Of course Murphy's Law says that when you're down, this is the time for other disasters to occur, and they did for us. On Wednesday, my Nana had a stroke and was admitted to hospital in Hamilton, an hour's drive from Auckland. Thankfully it was only a light stroke, and she will be getting out of hospital in about a week. We went down to visit her on Thursday after the scan, and she didn't look too bad thankfully, a little confused and weak but nothing more.

Then on Sunday (Father's Day here in New Zealand), we found out that Lionel's Auntie had died suddenly. So there are the Neal's three bad luck things - no more please!!!!! So all in all the last two weeks have been ones I do not want to live through again, and poor Lionel has many more grey hairs now! He is on holiday now which has been a Godsend; he has been looking after me.

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