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Week 13
~ Doing Great!

I must say this week has been a lot better than the last few. Nana is recovering well and is now at home with only minor weakness on the left side. The funeral for Lionel's Aunty was on Wednesday. All of Lionel's family came to Auckland for the funeral, and it was nice to spend the time with them all.

I went back to work this week doing short days only. The first couple of days were a bit tough, and I got tired very quickly as well as having to still cope with the nausea that still is hanging around. But as the week progressed, it became easier and the nausea has decreased markedly since mid-week. I had a great weekend--had a lot more energy and managed to stay awake past 8 pm which has been a rare occurrence in the past five weeks or so!! I have been taking it a lot more easier than before. I have to as my husband has turned into a mini policeman and watching me like a hawk!!! I still am not allowed to lift anything heavier than a toothbrush, and if I'm not home by 4 pm, he rings to find out where I am!!!!

Lionel is still on holiday and has started building the cot!!! So far so good, he hasn't had any major problems to face? . . . YET!!!!! No, I'm sure he will go a great job, and I can't wait to see it finished.

I still haven't put on any weight but must admit my breasts and tummy look and feel huge! I must have lost the weight somewhere else and put it on in those areas. It's getting warmer here. Spring has arrived, and I'm going to have to face the fact that I will need to buy new bigger clothes soon as well as a new bra--the perks of being pregnant!!!!

I go back to my midwife next Wednesday just for my monthly check-up. I hope to hear the heartbeat then. Last time it was still too early on to hear it. On scan, Sam (we've nicknamed the baby Sam, a name that can be for a girl or a boy) was 0.55 cm long, so hopefully Lesley, my midwife, will be able to palpate a good sized uterus this time.

My haemoglobin is 119 which is still within normal limits but a far cry from the 136 it was when I donated blood in February. I am having to eat more red meat than normal, tablets as they make you constipated and I have that problem already!!! I can stop taking the folic acid next week--yippee!!! I have been taken it since two months before the IVF cycle way back in April, so it will be nice to say goodbye to those little guys.

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