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Weeks 14 and 15
~ Walkers, Trampers or Car Trippers?

I am feeling so much better now ~ so much so that time has run away from me, and I've missed a week!

I had my last bout of queasiness last Monday and it hasn't returned!!! (Fingers crossed). I am managing to stay awake way past 2100 which in the last few weeks was way beyond me. I'm starting to put on a little weight, although my midwife does not believe in weighing her ladies routinely unless there is a problem.

We went looking at prams and pushchairs last week. I was unaware about how many different ones there are for different lifestyles. We went away having to think about our lifestyle after baby is born. Are we going go to be mainly walkers, trampers or car trippers to the shopping malls? It makes a difference you know!!!! I think we will leave that decision until closer to the time.

Spring has arrived and it is just lovely. We spent the weekend getting the patio and gardens ready for summer and barbecue entertaining etc. I did a bit much on Saturday what with shopping, gardening, entertaining and babysitting, and paid for it on Sunday. I was so tired and realised that I'm still not 100% back to normal and still have to take it a bit easier than normal.

Sam is behaving her/himself. No more bleeding or weird feelings etc. I'm starting to really look forward to my 18 week scan. We plan on finding out what sex Sam is. I still can't really feel Sam inside me yet, and don't think I will really feel pregnant until I can which should be starting in the next three weeks or so.

Had a bit of sad news this week. Shelley, a fellow kiwi who had her first IVF cycle the same time I did, failed her second cycle due to hyperstimulation pre-retrieval. I really feel for her, and it brought back to me just how lucky Lionel and I were in having success the first time around. Shelley will try again next month and my fingers are crossed. I do sometimes wonder how I would be now if we were unsuccessful in getting pregnant. Life would be so different. But it was successful and thankfully we are looking at a healthy beautiful baby Neal being born to us in March. I wouldn't mind Sam being born a little earlier as I am really worried about delivering a big baby. I don't fancy ripping!!!! I guess, being an ex-neonatal nurse, I have seen heaps of 36 weekers that were just fine. In fact we didn't class them as premature at all. They were just little and needed a little extra care in keeping warm and feeding. However I can't wait to get passed the 28 week mark as I do not want a preemie less than 28 weeks.

The negative side of being a neonatal nurse is my worry about all the things that can go wrong. I think I will be quite nervous during the labour and will be watching all the monitors etc. like a hawk. I'm sure I won't relax until the baby is actually born and in my arms. I've seen too many abnormal deliveries but have to keep in perspective that they are only a small percentage of all births!!

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