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Week 16
~ We're Growing!

I'm starting to grow!!! I have put on 1.5 kg and had to buy a bigger sized bra this weekend. I really don't fancy getting any bigger. I can feel a small lump in my tummy, but I still can't really feel much else yet. The books say that I should start to grow rapidly from now on until the later stages of pregnancy. It is with mixed emotion that I see the scales showing my weight increasing. I am looking forward to growing and feeling Sam moving around, but most women hate putting on weight.

I have my 18 week scan booked for next Thursday. That will be fun. There was an amazing BBC programme on TV last night called "Human Body," and it showed the most amazing photos and videos of a growing foetus, right through from conception to birth. They had a small camera in a woman's uterus and showed actual footage of the ovary as it ovulated, followed the foetus from 4 weeks to birth, and then birth itself ~ amazing!!!

The year is going so fast. I am doing a Diploma in Health Management through a university here, and have three assignments due before mid November so have to get my act together. I'm also planning a weekend away with Lionel in Dunedin, down in the South Island. It will be our last weekend away as a couple for a long time so I'm planning a really nice couple of days. The weather here is really nice at the moment, daylight savings hit last Sunday. I am still getting my body clock back into a regular cycle, but the long evenings are lovely.

My Nana is back in hospital again. This time in the coronary care unit. It sounds not too serious but I think we are starting to realise Nana is getting older. I will go and see her this weekend. Hopefully she will be out of hospital by then.

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