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Week 17
~ Waddle? No Way!

Someone said I'm starting to waddle!!!! No way!! I am having periods of a sore back and finding it difficult to sit in one position for long periods - but waddling - never!!!!

Spent last weekend finishing the first of three assignments that are due. I feel a little more in control now, and am sure I can manage two more in the next four weeks.

The social calendar is getting a bit busier thanks to the nice weather. This weekend we are going fishing off the coast of the local beach; we live only 10 minutes away from the beach which is great in summer.

On Sunday, my sister's five month old baby boy, Jack, is getting christened, and we are the godparents. It will be nice to have all the extended family around. Hopefully Nana will be able to make it. She is still in hospital but due out any day. They did an arteriogram and found a small blockage in one of her coronary arteries which is treatable medically so that is great news.

Next weekend there is a huge Parent and Child show. I feel a big spend coming up!!! Lionel and I went looking at prams again. I found a lovely one I really like, and it's fairly reasonably priced as well. However, I still can't bring myself to buy anything major just yet, as it still seems a bit early. I wonder if other mums-to-be feel this way at this stage of their pregnancy?

We have planted our first vegetable garden, and it is really coming along. I can't wait to have homemade veges and salads to eat! We are not gardening fanatics but must admit you get a real buzz about seeing your gardens and plants growing so well.

Well this Thursday is scan day!!!! Can't wait to find out what we are going to have - but more importantly, to find out everything is okay with the baby. It will be two very relieved parents once we get the all clear.

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