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Week Eighteen
~ It's a . . .!!

What a week!!! Waited impatiently for Thursday to come around and then went for the scan. I took Dad along with us as he has never seen an ultrasound of a baby before. Both he and Lionel watched as Sally showed us our baby moving around and kicking his legs!!! Yes, it is a HE!!!! Well Sally is 95% sure it is a boy. We even saw the "dangly bit" ourselves!! There is never 100% certainty but believe me when I say there were two beaming parents-to-be when we learned it was a boy. It is not the fact that we wanted a boy over a girl - even if it was a girl we would have been beaming away. It was at that moment of being told of the gender that it made it all so real. It is now not just a fetus, but it is our son and he is now a real little person of his own. You should have seen him kick and move. Lionel can't believe that I can't feel any of the movement as it seemed so vigorous. He had his hands crossed over his face so Sally could not get a good view of the face and heart front on. His head was so far down my pelvis it was like he was already wanting to get born - not just yet my boy!!!! I have to go back for a 10 minute scan next Thursday to try and get a better viewing of these regions - that is if he has decided to move positions.

But by far the most important piece of information was that no abnormalities were seen. Sally was great; she knew what I would be looking for on the scan and allayed my fears - no spina bifida, no hydrocephalus, no club feet, no diaphragmatic hernia, no absent corpus collusium!!!! Don't worry if you have never heard of some of these - it is only my neonatal experience that made me aware of these.

Then on Friday night, I'm sure I felt him kicking - only 3 little kicks but they were the weirdest feeling so I'm sure it was him kicking. I guess I will have to wait until I feel him kick again before I know if it was him moving I felt or just wind, etc!!!

My sister's little boy was christened this weekend. We are his godparents so had a part to play in the ceremony. It was a lovely ceremony, and we all had a lovely day. Of course we couldn't keep our news to ourselves and now half of Auckland knows that we most likely are having a boy. His name will be Adam Kristopher Neal. I do hope he looks like an Adam when he is born!!

I am having some trouble with lower back pain. It started a few days ago and it is situated right at the base of my spine. Sometimes I get shooting nerve pain down my left leg and just wonder if it is the baby starting early to put my spine and pelvis under some pressure. I can't even lie flat in bed at the moment and having a bath is really painful - it has been shower for the last few days. I go back to see Lesley this Wednesday so will ask her about it.

Went to a Parent and Child show today - got some free samples of nappies and baby wipes etc. We are planning to use cloth nappies as we both don't like the idea of disposable ones much. However I can see us using disposables at night-time once he is sleeping through, and when we go out so all freebies gratefully received.

Well that's about it for this week - such an exciting one - and I'm sure many more to follow.

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