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Week Nineteen
~ Looking Pregnant

The first week of finding out we are having a boy has been fantastic. We have told everyone that he is a boy named Adam and only one person does not like the name!! Well I guess you can't please everyone, and we like it so that is who he is - Adam.

He is really starting to move!!! It was him I felt on Friday night ~ the flutterings have continued and now he says good morning and good evening as that is the time he seems to move the most. Well that is when I notice him more anyway. I can't tell you how wonderful it is getting to this stage and being able to feel him as well as feeling him grow. Now when I breathe in, my tummy does not move at all. Yep, I really look pregnant and love it.

I went back for the check scan on Thursday. He had moved and gave us a beautiful profile shot. Unfortunately Sally forgot to start the video recorder so no film was taken which was a shame as Lionel was not able to go with me as he was at work. I can't show you a photo as all I have is the video and X-ray films which can't be scanned.

On Wednesday we had another visit to Lesley, and Lionel heard Adam's heartbeat for the first time. He has already developed a personality ~ one of cheekiness and mischievousness ~ just like his Dad!! When Lesley was finding the heart beat, we could hear him kicking the monitor away!!! Little ratbag!!!!

I am having real bad back pain and mentioned this to Lesley. I thought it might have been because Adam might be lying posterior, but she said it was my pelvis moving and pressure on the sciatic nerve. It will only get worse as I get more advanced and may need a physio referral. Lionel gave me a great back massage last night, and it worked well. Hopefully with massage and stretching exercises, it shouldn't get too bad.

It was Lionel's birthday on Saturday, and we had a great BBQ party. The weather was great and about 40 people turned up. We had a wonderful night, but it really killed my back. I still find it a pain not to be able to eat certain foods and alcohol but apart from that I really enjoyed mingling with our friends and family.

Summer is fast approaching. It was really hot today. I really don't fancy those hot nights and sticky days that are just around the corner. I can't fit into any of my summer clothes and will need to go buy some. Monday was a public holiday here in New Zealand and the weather was beautiful. I had planned on spending the day doing my third assignment but because the weather was sooooo nice, I just couldn't waste the day being inside studying!!!!. So now I'm panicking and have to finish two assignments in three weeks! I'm sure I will do it, but I always do this ~ leave it to the last minute.

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