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Donna's Pregnancy Journal ~ a story of pregnancy after infertility

Week Twenty
~ Changing Shape

I spent most of this week at a conference and that played havoc with my back. As the weekend approached, I could barely move and was needing twice daily massages. I don't know if this back pain is due to my pregnancy or just coincidental. If it is no better next week I will go and see an osteopath.

Adam is moving so much now; it is such a wonderful feeling. I talk to him when he is awake and rub my tummy, hoping he knows it's my way of communicating with him.

I am certainly looking pregnant now, however I have only put on 5 kgs and am at the weight I was at retrieval (I put on 5 kgs with the drugs). It's amazing to see how my body has changed shape but weighs the same. My waist line is all but gone and every time I bend over to pick something up, I feel like I have to apologise to Adam for squashing him!!!!

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