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Week 21
~ Back Woes

This was not a good week. The back pain really got to me, and I lost it at work on Tuesday and burst into tears. I think it was because I have faced so much so far, and I really want to enjoy my pregnancy for as long as I can. Being in pain for long periods really wears you down, especially when it affects your sleeping. Over the weekend I got about 3 hours of broken sleep and being tired also accentuates my emotions.

I started to have twice daily massages which helped control the pain a bit and went to an osteopath. I can't take anything but Panadol for the pain and that doesn't even touch the pain. I want Votaren but can't have it because of Adam. Thankfully, the osteopath thinks it is not due to the pregnancy which means it should go away soon. That made me feel so much better. I don't know if I can face being in this much pain for the next 18 weeks or so until Adam is born. I took Wednesday off work and slept until lunchtime. The pain is worse when I sit, so driving to work each morning makes me really uncomfortable. I lie down whenever I can. Anyway, life continues.

We had our first antenatal class this week. I am the last one due in the class and felt funny suffering worse back pain than those ladies over 30 weeks. The class was interesting. I learnt about position and how it affects Adam's positioning. I certainly don't want him to be posterior so plan on doing a lot of swimming and forward positioning later on.

We had our work ball on Friday night. I was determined to go as it had cost $120 for the tickets. I sat through dinner and only made it to dessert when Lionel saw I was getting very uncomfortable and forced me home!!!!

Being so sore has put me behind on my assignments and now I only have this weekend to finish the last assignment. I know I will do it, but I'm not looking forward to it. My sister is coming home from Singapore this weekend for a four day shopping visit. She is a lot bigger than the average Asian lady and struggles to find clothes that would fit even the normal sized European lady - hence the shopping trip. This weekend should be fun, but I must get this assignment done!!!!

The shop "Mothercare" from the UK opened its first store in Auckland on the weekend, and I just had to go!!!! Nice clothes but pricey !!!!!! For 12 toweling nappies it was $95 !!!! I don't think we will be buying those, but I'm sure I will buy him at least one or two little outfits from there.

I hope next week's report will be able to say the back pain has gone!!!! It is my birthday next week, and I don't want to be feeling grotty that day.

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