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Weeks 22 and 23
~ Getting SOOOOO Organised!

I finished my assignments. Yippee!!!! I ended up having to ask for a study leave day in order to finish it but I met the deadlines. It wasn't my best essay I have done, but I will be happy with just a pass. It must have been so funny to watch me write the essay; I spent 10 minutes in front of the computer and then another 10 minutes lying flat on the couch. My back is still so painful particularly when sitting. I went back to the osteopath but didn't think it was doing any good so I have been referred to the physio who has given me some stretching exercises. Hopefully they will help.

Adam is really moving now. Lionel felt him kick for the first time the other night. It is nice to be able to include him in this part of the pregnancy. He can now kind of appreciate what I feel when Adam moves around. We heard his heartbeat last week when we visited Lesley again. She says he has grown well and is a very good size. That's great Adam, but don't you get too big little man!!!!

I am going to the obstetrician next week for him to "inspect my cervix." Apparently, some IVF pregnancies end up with premature deliveries which may be related to cervical incompetence. So I have to have another internal by another male!!!!!

Last weekend, I had a good day as far as pain went and manage to finish all my Christmas shopping except for a couple of bottles of wine!!! I have never been this organised but I must admit; it does feel good. I also baked the Christmas cake on Sunday so should be well organised this year.

We bought the pushchair last week. Everything seems to be coming together nicely, and I can't wait until Lionel finishes the cot. He has not done much as yet as he has had exams, but they are now over and our time is all ours now.

I'm not going to do any study next year. I might do some fun classes though like cooking and photography. What a treat not to have any assignments to do!!! I'm sure I will be busy though!

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