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Week Twenty-Four
~ Viability!

I want to start by thanking Lionel for sharing his thoughts last week. It took a lot for him to share all his feelings in the way he did and it meant a lot to me - thanks darling.

We've made it to the major hurdle ~ Adam is now viable!!!! Now I just have to make sure nothing happens for the next 4-6 weeks, and then I will really relax and look forward to delivering a normal term baby.

I went and saw the obstetrician and thankfully he didn't do an internal. He said IVF pregnancies that tend to have a higher risk than normal of a preterm labour are those who had a hormonal or uterus type problem, rather than a tubal one like me. He did another scan and everything was great. We saw a lovely profile of Adam, and he was pouting at us!!! The placenta looks fine ~ no placenta previa, so I don't need anymore scans.

My back is getting more tolerable. It still hurts in the evenings but I can get through most of the day okay. Now the indigestion has arrived, and I ensure I have a milk drink around to lessen that acidy feeling at the back of my throat.

Adam is a lot more active during the day. I frequently get kicks during the day at work. It's a wonderful feeling to experience that kick particularly when I'm deeply engrossed with work. It puts things into perspective.

Only another six pays left until I leave ~ scary but exciting at the same time. Having had two pays coming in for a long time, it will be a challenge to live on just Lionel's pay.

We are going away next week for a long weekend, and I can't wait. It will be our last weekend away by ourselves before Adam arrives so it will be special. We are flying down to Dunedin, a city down the South Island of New Zealand, and will stay in a lovely motel, go out for dinner and generally splash out!!!

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