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Weeks 25 and 26
~ Vacation!

Dunedin was great and we had a wonderful time. The only cloud was my stupid back. I pulled it again on the Friday before we went away at our work's barbecue, and it was incredibly sore while I was away. However I was determined to see as much as possible in Dunedin and we did just that.

The history down there is monopolised by the Scot people with a castle that really shows off the 1800 Scot culture. We also went to the albatross colony where we saw not only the birds but seals swimming in the ocean as well.

The weather was windy and cold, but that is what you expect in that part on New Zealand. Being so close to the South Pole, it was light right up until 10 pm; the days were so long.

Work is starting to be quite a struggle mostly because I find myself less motivated now. My position is being replaced with a different role for a year, and then it's up for review. My boss, the general manger, has resigned and leaves in January. I will miss him as I have learnt so much about management practices, etc., from him which has been invaluable. I think I have learnt more working for him than I have doing my tertiary studies.

By the way, I got my mark back for Health Economics ~ only a B- which was not expected as I have not put much into the paper this year due to everything else that went on this year. I will definitely not do any university papers next year. I'm just going to concentrate on being a mum and doing that well.

Our antenatal classes finished this week. I didn't learn much from them, but have met up with other women who are pregnant in my area who will be my 'coffee group' and support people next year. I guess my knowledge from my nursing is the reason why I didn't learn that much, but I still have many questions about the delivery, etc., that I will ask Lesley when I next see her. I guess we need to start to think about our birth plan. That should be fun!!!

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