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Week Twenty-Seven
~ The Alien

For the first time, I saw my stomach move when Adam kicked!!! It was a weird experience ~ exciting but slightly revolting at the same time. It reminded me of the movie 'Alien', an alien inside me trying to get out!!!! Lionel can see it as well which is neat. We can experience the same thing together for a change.

It is starting to get really warm here now, and I'm really tired. I struggle to do anything energetic and get breathless quickly. I think I'm going to have to take a day off a week from January, either that or I'm going to have to leave work at 34 weeks.

I don't mind experiencing all these negative side effects of pregnancy as long as I can protect Adam from it all. All I want him to do is sit back, relax and grow (but not too big!!!). This is the role of a mum, but I must admit, it is very tiring. Lionel is starting to get a little concerned about me, which is nice but it is also a little upsetting to me as I see it as a failure on my part by not being able to deal with this pregnancy as well as I could. Time will tell I suppose, and I know the days will fly by, particularly over Christmas etc.

Lionel is working over Christmas - 0700 - 6 pm, so most of my Christmas day will be without him. We will then go over to my parents place for a BBQ and the family get together. Tomorrow we have our extended family gathering in Hamilton (an hour south of Auckland) but Lionel is working again, so I will go down alone. My cousin Karen is also pregnant; she is about a month ahead of me, so it will be fun to catch up with all her news.

Have a great Christmas everyone. This one is special for us as it will be our last one with just us. I can't wait until next Christmas!!!!

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