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Week Twenty-Eight
~ Oh, the Joys!

Christmas week - just to add to everything, I had a terrible cold through Christmas which really sapped the energy from me. I ended up taking two days off sick after the holidays and am only getting over the cold now. Being sick made it hard going through Christmas. We had a lot going on, and I managed to go to everything but I was exhausted by the end of the day. Lionel was working all day, so I went to his parents' house for Christmas breakfast. He managed to pop down in the ambulance (the station is only about a half km from his parents place) so we spent some family time together. Then I went down to the station where all the crew who worked had a Christmas lunch with their families. I then went home and had a nap before going over to my parents' place. Lionel got a late job (of course), so he met me over there where we had a lovely BBQ in Mum's garden. The weather was really lovely - hot and sunny - nice for most but uncomfortable at times for me.

Adam got a few little Christmas presents to put away. That was nice; he really is a part of this family already.

The heartburn is becoming a little more problematic but two litres of chocolate milk seems to help that. I'm also noticing feeling quite uncomfortable after eating. I think my stomach is getting a bit squashed - so it's now little amounts more often.

Oh yes - and the best side effect of pregnancy has hit - constipation!!!!! I am having a lot of trouble managing this one. You can only have so many weetbix and prunes in one day!!!! I think I have developed a haemorrhoid and am determined not to worsen it.

Oh the joys of pregnancy!!! Still it is all worth while as I just can't wait to meet this little guy. The time is seeming to drag. I still have 11 weeks to go and would love the next six weeks to fly by.

Well new year's this week - soon it will be the year Adam will be born into. 1999 - boy, I'm starting to feel old!

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