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Week Twenty-Nine
~ Happy New Year!

Welcome to 1999! We spent the night out at Kawakawa Bay at a friend's bach. It was a beautiful night. The water was so still and the moon was a full one. We made a bonfire on the beach and sat around having a good time. My back started to play up around 11 pm so we headed home then. Lionel was working an early shift so it wasn't too disappointing on missing midnight with our friends.

We have now bought most of the baby's furniture, etc. The last major purchase was the car seat. I am hiring a capsule that lasts until he will be six months, but the one we bought goes from birth to five years so we can use both. The reason I am still going to hire the capsule is the portability factor.

The braxton hicks contractions are getting more noticeable. It feels like a hard basketball right in the middle of my stomach. When I have them, it is now noticeably stretching my ligaments around the uterus, and it is at times a little uncomfortable.

I have started to play some music to Adam - mainly in the car. I quite like the idea that he will recognise the music we play him once he is born just by us playing it while I carry him. I am currently playing Clannard and Enya type music (my Irish background I guess) much to Lionel's disgust. He is a Rolling Stones/Jimmy Hendrix fan, and I pity Adam when he goes on trips with just his Dad!

We have started to discuss our birth plan - what we hope to occur at the birth. Lionel wishes to deliver Adam, which is fine with Lesley. She will deliver the head and then Lionel will deliver the shoulders and body (all going well). It is a little worrying having to plan what type of pain relief I would want if I can't cope. Let's hope that part of the plan doesn't have to be put into action.

I have only put on a kilo over Christmas, but I feel a lot heavier - rolling over in bed is getting harder - still only 10 weeks to go!!

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