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Week Thirty
~ Birth Plans

Well so much for saying I haven't put much weight on. In the last week and a half I have ballooned. I have now put on 10 kgs since I got pregnant (22 lbs. I think). I saw Lesley this week, and she says clinically Adam is 32 weeks in size!!! I hope he is not going to be too large at birth. I can feel it now!!!!

My blood pressure is perfect 105/60 and my polycose test was normal. The rest of my bloods were fine. My heamoglobin has fallen from 136 (pre-pregnancy) to 107, but Lesley says that is fine, and it has dropped due to heamodilution (i.e. double the blood volume that is racing around my body). Adam's heartbeat was fast and strong; it is neat to hear it.

The heat has settled down a little in the past few days so I haven't been too exhausted, but sleeping is still a problem. I'm lucky if I get two hours of unbroken sleep - getting me ready for the night feeds I guess. As he grows, I am feeling a lot tighter around my stomach which can be quite uncomfortable.

Adam is active through out the day now which is really nice. When I feel him move, it immediately makes me smile.

We have talked to Lesley about our birth plan and have realised a lot of our decisions will have to be made at the moment during the labour as so many factors are inter-linked and anything can happen. I am little nervous about forceps being used and discussed this with her. I would rather have a C-Section than put Adam through forceps. However if his head is well descended into my pelvis, then doing a section would only mean Adam would need to be pulled back the other way - both situations meaning Adam has to get pulled. So forceps would be the better choice then. I just want to protect him as much as possible.

Lionel assembled the pram the other night. Things are coming together slowly. The cot is making slow but steady progress.

I leave work in five weeks. It is getting closer, but the last few weeks at work have gone slowly. Due to the holiday break, most people have been away so it's been so quiet.

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