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Weeks 31 and 32
~ Getting Closer!

The heat is starting to take its toll; I am starting to swell. My ankles are swollen by the end of the day, and I have had to take all my rings off. My blood pressure was a little up at the end of the week, so I am now taking every Wednesday off from going into work and working from home. I have had my home PC connected up to the hospital network so I can now dial up my work drive and e-mail. This will make it a lot easier to plan my work etc. My replacement was advertised for recently, and we interview on Thursday. I only have 3 1/2 weeks left at work so I can't wait to be able to hand over everything.

I washed the first lot of nappies last weekend. There is so much washing to do, and he isn't even here yet!!!

Lionel and I went camping this weekend. He was the first aid cover at a two day horse endurance competition. I was a bit worried about how comfortable I would be but we took the spare double mattress with us and that made sleeping a lot easier than it would have been on an airbed. Thankfully it was the coolest it had been for weeks so I really had a great time.

Three of the ladies in my antenatal class have had their babies ~ all healthy which is fantastic. I am the last due of the 12 of us. I must admit I'm starting to look forward to having him and meeting him for the first time. I do wonder what he will look like ~ blonde or dark, heaps of hair or none, long or short etc.

Lionel is having six weeks off starting April 26th so Adam should be between six to eight weeks old by then. Hopefully I will be on the mend physically then and Adam will be in some kind of routine. We plan on taking off for a week or two and going to the beach for a nice relaxing time ~ just our little family!!!!

I got my first stretch-mark last Thursday ~ yuck!!!! Despite all the cream in China, I'm sure some women are prone to getting them, and I'm one of those lucky ones.

The indigestion is tolerable although I'm still tucking into the Chocolate milk!!

I heard Adam's heart beat via my stethoscope last week for the first time. That was neat, just to lie in bed and listen to my boy's heart beating away.

I now am visiting Lesley fortnightly; it's getting closer every day!!!!!

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