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Weeks 33 and 34
~ Wrapping It Up At Work

Well time is flying by at work. I have interviewed and appointed a replacement, and she started this week. Now I have two weeks to show her the ropes, clear out my desk etc and close off any loose ends - right at a very busy time.

My hands are starting to swell in the morning. I wake up with them feeling tight and looking quite swollen. My wedding ring doesn't even make it passed my knuckle. The swelling in my feet has settled as the weather has cooled. My blood pressure and urine tests are fine so everything is going along really well baby-wise. Adam continues to be really active which is great as he has a really neurotic mother. If I don't notice him moving enough, I really start to worry. The busier I am at work, the less I notice him moving, so by the time I get home, I may not have felt him all day and of course start to worry. However Adam must know how his mother thinks because I only have to lie down for a few minutes and he gives me a kick or nudge!!

The cot is coming along nicely. It is the only thing we are waiting on for his room. Hopefully I have enough clothes and other equipment - time will tell!!!

I have only one more pay left and then we become a single income family!!! So what happens - last week the car died and cost $500 to repair, and now we discover our water is leaking somewhere and we have to get the water pipe dug up and repaired - Murphy's Law huh!!!

This time next week I will have three more days left of work. Yippee!!! A baby shower is being held for both myself and another girl at work in early March. That will be fun. I sometimes worry that the next four weeks will drag as I'm not used to being at home for an entire month with nothing planned. I have cross-stitch, long stitch and knitting all going on so I will have heaps to keep me busy, if I get motivated at all. I'm so tired as sleeping is not good at the moment, so I probably will spend the first week sleeping all hours of the day.

Adam's head is 2/5th down in my pelvis and has been like that since about 30 weeks. My pubic bone is really tender and feels like someone has punched me there and it's bruised. This makes walking quite painful at times. Lesley says I could wear a kind of a girdle that will support my pelvis, but it is uncomfortable to wear and would be horrible in the heat so I have opted not to wear one. Breathlessness is also starting to cause problems. Sometimes I get breathless even when I'm sitting and talking to someone. Oh the joys of late pregnancy!!! Still I wouldn't miss this for the world.

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