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Week 4
~ I'm Pregnant!

July 7 ~ Today, we got the phone call that we have dreamed of getting for so many years ~ the call that said I'm pregnant!!!!

We have been trying for just under four years to have a baby. We ended up having to go through IVF and started our first IVF cycle on May 24th. After weeks of injections, scans and blood tests, we had our retrieval on June 23rd where 11 eggs were retrieved, eight fertilised and six were good enough to either implant or freeze.

On June 25th, we saw two beautiful embryos under the microscopes ~ our embryos that had fertilised and divided into four cells. These two were put back into my uterus, and we waited for two weeks until July 7th when I was to have the blood test to see if I was pregnant or not.

On the Sunday before testing, I started spotting and had cramps very similar to my period, so I was really upset and believed it had failed. I still took the blood test and had to ring from work at 2 p.m. for the result. My husband came over to my work and was there when I rang. The elation and total surprise I felt when she said congratulations was immense. I couldn't stop grinning and was on top of the world.

That night we rang everyone we knew and told them the news. It was one of the happiest days of my life. Once the surprise and shock wore off, I then started to feel really fragile, as the rate for miscarrying for IVF pregnancies is around 30%. I also still had difficulty in believing I was pregnant and had to do a home pregnancy test to prove to myself that the blood result was not a mistake. Of course the test was positive!

Finding out so early is going to mean a very long pregnancy. I am having to have blood tests every Saturday until 7 weeks to measure my HCG (was 64 on July 7th and 230 on July 11th). On week 7, I will have a scan and then if everything is okay, I will be handed over to an obstetrician for antenatal care.

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