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Week 5
~ It's Sinking In

Well, it's slowly starting to sink in. The phone calls have tapered off, but it's been amazing how the grapevine works so fast. I used to work in the neonatal unit of another hospital than the one I work in now, and just by talking to a friend who is on maternity leave from the unit, my pregnancy has found itself in the staff communication book!!!!

My third HCG was 4835 ~ a level I was very pleased with. I have not experienced any morning sickness. The only changes I have had are two incredibly sensitive nipples ~ so sensitive that when I turn over in bed, I wake up with the pain!

It's tough to have to change your eating habits so fast. I can cope with no caffeine , but no cold meat and coleslaws/salads is really tough. Just about everything in our hospital cafeteria is off limits. Still, who's complaining!!!!

Bought the first baby clothes. I had to ~ they were on sale at 40% off!!!!!

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