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Week 7
~ Ultrasound Photo!

Well it hit on Sunday ~ the nausea and queasiness!!!! Yippee!!! Its amazing how you get very little sympathy from people about feeling yuck; they all seem to be pleased I have it. Go figure!!!!

7 week ultrasoundHad our 7-week scan on Tuesday along with the last HCG blood test. Here's a picture of our little peanut ~ 8.1 mm long with a lovely healthy heart beat seen!!!! Now I feel like this is really happening, and I'm becoming slowly more confident that I will actually carry this baby to full term and our long awaited dream will become a reality. I will feel more confident when I pass 10 weeks and the 14 week milestones, however things are going along smoothly for now.

I'm feeling REALLY tired now. I don't get home early enough to have a nap before dinner, so I'm arriving home at around 6 p.m., having dinner and then going to bed and crashing for the night!!!! Not great for the social life I must say!!! Still, I am really really enjoying being pregnant and am so happy.

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