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Week 8
~ The Yucks!

How can something so natural make you feel so ill?!!!!!! This has been a really hard week. I had a really bad bout of morning sickness on Monday and had to go home from work at lunchtime and did not surface until dinner time. Even then I felt yuck!!

On Wednesday, we had our first midwife appointment with Lesley who seems really lovely. I have chosen to have her as my lead maternity carer, with an obstetrician referral at 26 weeks just to make sure. I have chosen Lesley as she is an independent midwife who will follow me all the way through antenatal, delivery and post natally. This consistent follow through is very important to me and means that when I go to the hospital, my midwife will be Lesley. If there are any problems then she refers directly to David ( my obstetrician) but she is still at the delivery.

While seeing Lesley, I had routine antenatal bloods, blood pressure and urine tests and will see her again on September 16th.

On Thursday, I picked up the 'flu and it has really knocked me for a six. I spent the next four days in bed and have never felt so weak and tired as what I experienced this week. Not being able to take drugs to get me through the 'flu (ie. aspirin, cold remedies etc - not LSD and coke!!!) has made it all the harder. Have spent heaps of money on homoeopathic remedies to no avail.

So this week has been a real downer, and the work is piling up at work. I have my performance review with the boss on Wednesday. If my productivity of the past few weeks are anything to go by, I haven't been a great asset to the hospital lately and look forward to feeling a whole lot better next week.

All through this, the baby has been well and not giving me too much bother at all.

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