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Week 9
~ Dad Gets Busy

A quieter week this week ~ the flu has just about gone and the queasiness is a lot more bearable. I've not had to take time off this week which is good.

Lionel has decided to build the baby's cot!!!! Now remember that Lionel is not a builder- but he does enjoy the odd building project. He has built me to date a glory box, cape cod chair and a bench seat for outside. All turned out really well. However I think this cot is going to take some doing. I would like a cot that is also a bassinet and bed (3 in 1) so it won't be a straight forward project. This should be interesting, and I'll keep you up all informed along the way!!!

Work is getting a bit stressful. I don't realistically think I will go back to the job; it's a job that has to be a full time role, and I'm not prepared to go back full time once the baby is here. I can easily find nursing work - I've already had offers for casual work in a few areas which would suit me fine with Lionel's shift work. However I need to review and restructure my area to allow my exit which will be an interesting process! It's a weird feeling realising that the outcome of my review will be me dis-establishing my own job that I created and have nurtured for four years.

I'm really looking forward to achieving the 10 week milestone next week. I was told that IVF pregnancies have a 30% chance of miscarrying up until the 10th week so that has been my goal since finding out I was pregnant. Now it is only a week away and I can't wait!!!!

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