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Week 35
~ Birth Announcement

New Dad Lionel writes ~ The date today is the February 16, 1999 and yesterday at 5.06 pm NZ time, Donna delivered our baby into the world. On Sunday at 5.00 pm, I was preparing to go to work when Donna's waters broke. Off to the hospital we went for assessment by our midwife. After some discussion, it was decided to admit Donna for IV antibiotics and probable inducement if she didn't start to deliver on her own. Over night Donna started to have a few contractions and by 1.45 pm on Monday, Donna had began to have full blown contractions with the help of Syntosyn. By 5.06 little Adam Kristopher cried his way into the world.

You may have already guessed that Adam has arrived early, to be precise he is 1 month and 1 day early. He is doing relatively well but has been admitted to the Special Care Baby Unit for C-pap therapy. For those that don't know, this is positive pressure ventilation that keeps the lungs inflated when they, as in Adam's case, are slightly underdeveloped.

Donna did very well and had only one very little tear so she is slightly sore. Today Donna expressed off some milk and Adam is having feeds via a gastric tube into the stomach. He weighed in at 2370 gms (5 pounds, 3 1/2 oz) and has auburn hair and tiny little fingers and toes. It sounds like he will be in SCBU until about Friday. By that stage he should be feeding on the breast and breathing normally for himself.

Well that's all for know I'm sure Donna will give you an update when she gets home .

Congrats Donna and Lionel!

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