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Donna's Pregnancy Journal ~ a story of pregnancy after infertility

Donna and Lionel NealAdam at 2StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Donna's pregnancy journal. After trying for four years to conceive a child, Donna learned she was pregnant in July after her first IVF cycle. Adam was born February 15, 1999 at 35 weeks, 6 days. Join Donna and Lionel as they traveled through their first pregnancy ~ all the way from New Zealand!

Donna's Journal Entries
Meet Donna!

Week 4
I'm Pregnant!

Week 5
It's Sinking In

Week 6
Arranging Care

Week 7
Ultrasound Photo

Week 8
The Yucks

Week 9
Dad Gets Busy

Week 10
First Hurdle Crossed!

Week 11
Pregnant and Paranoid

Week 12
Murphy's Law

Week 13
Doing Great!

Weeks 14 & 15
Walkers, Trampers or Car Trippers?

Week 16
We're Growing!

Week 17
Waddle? No Way!

Week 18
It's a . . .!!

Week 19
Looking Pregnant

Week 20
Changing Shape

Week 21
Back Woes

Weeks 22 and 23
Getting SO Organised!

A Man's Perspective
A Message From Lionel

Week 24

Weeks 25 and 26

Week 27
The Alien

Week 28
Oh, the Joys!

Week 29
Happy New Year!

Week 30
Birth Plans

Weeks 31 and 32
Getting Closer!

Weeks 33 and 34
Wrapping It Up At Work

Week 35
Birth Announcement

35 Weeks, 6 Days
Birth Story

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