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Elizabeth's Pregnancy Journal
StorkNet is pleased to present Elizabeth's Pregnancy After Loss Journal

Elizabeth (28) has been married to her husband Bill (42) for four years. Bill has a son Jake (13), and they have a foster son, Cruz (12). Together, they have a daughter, Kathryn (2) and a daughter, Mychaela, who was stillborn on April 21, 2007. They took the plunge again and gave birth to a healthy son, Liam, by planned cesarean on May 29, 2008 at 38.5 weeks.

Elizabeth's Journal Entries

Meet Elizabeth!

Week 19
Alleviated Anxiety

Week 20
To Know or Not to Know

Week 21
It's a . . .

Week 22
The Baby Name

Week 23
The Power of a Kick

Week 24
A Hurting Heart

Week 25
Roller Coaster

Week 26
Let The Wild Rumpus Begin

Week 27
Family Vacation

Week 28
Vacation here I come!

Weeks 29/30
A Vacation From My Vacation

Week 31
We Have a Date!

Week 32
Nesting Already . . .

Week 33
The Head Doctor and Braxton-Hicks

Week 34
Mychaela's First Birthday Remembrance

Week 35
Let The Countdown Begin . . .

Week 36
Holy Cow!

Week 37
Baby Showers & Nesting Extremes

Week 38

Birth Story
Welcome to the World William

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