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Elizabeth's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Elizabeth

ElizabethMy name is Elizabeth (28) and I have been married to my husband Bill (42) for four years. We actually met by chance in a Barnes & Nobles bookstore. For once, I could actually be honest with my parents about where I met a guy!

Bill has a son, Jake (13) whom we have at our home about half the time and is a great kid. As far as step-parents go I am very fortunate to have Jake in my family. We actually share the same birthday so he can't be too bad. We also have Cruz (12), our foster son who has lived with us for nearly two years. Cruz has brought a lot of action, love and life into our home. Together, Bill and I have a daughter, Kathryn (2) who amazes us on a daily basis.

Bill and I knew we wanted to start a family and wanted to have two children fairly close together so Bill can eventually retire without having to work for forever. Before Kathryn's birth in November of 2005 I had two miscarriages. I got pregnant right away after getting off the pill. This was attributed to the first miscarriage. The second miscarriage was a blighted ovum and this was thought to have happened because I did not cycle through after the first miscarriage.

So, three months passed and the good news of Kathryn Diane was discovered. I had a perfect pregnancy to the very end where I developed toxemia but had no symptoms until the HELLP set in. We tried everything to be able to deliver with a vaginal birth, but circumstances being what they were I ended up having an emergency C-section.

When Kathryn was 18 months old we decided that we would try again to get pregnant and that is where the life of Mychaela Joelle began. She was also a perfect pregnancy until her delivery. On April 21, 2007 Bill and I went to the hospital after I had been experiencing some contractions and that is when we discovered there was no heart beat. Mychaela Joelle was silently born into this world two days before her scheduled C-section.

This journal will be the story as I celebrate the life of my three children, walk through the grief of Mychaela, and anticipate the growing life of my new baby.

I also enjoy camping/outdoor activities with my family, wine tasting and exploring bed and breakfasts with my husband, attending my boys' various sports events, playing with Kathryn, and managing my commercial janitorial business.

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