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Week 21 ~ January 25, 2008
~ It's a . . .

What a strange feeling getting ready to see who is inside of me. These past few days have been slightly stressful in anticipation of boy/girl. So, I gladly drank the water and sat with a full bladder in the waiting room ten minutes before my appointment.

I knew that at the very least the baby would be moving, because for those long ten minutes the baby insisted on kicking/punching threatening to have my bladder explode.

Finally my name was called and both Bill and I walked back to the ultrasound room. The moment she put the wand on my stomach the baby was kicking and waving and joy just flooded my heart. I could see and hear the heart beat, all of the baby's limbs, and healthy brain and organs. A calm filled me and I was so thankful and than BOOM, there it was, a penis.

Yes, a little boy is in my future. I was so relieved that I'm having a boy. I get to buy new clothes, form new memories never experienced with a boy. I don't have to worry about figuring out a girl's name or looking at things I would have been buying for Mychaela. Poor Bill, he cried, because he was flooded with guilt that when we found out Mychaela was a girl how he had wanted a boy. I just hugged him and told him that it is o.k. to feel that way, but nothing he could have said or done would have saved our baby girl. So he has decided that Kathryn will always be his Princess and Mychaela always our Beautiful Angel and the boys, well they'll be the Brood of Brothers!

They also said the due date was June 8, 2008. I meet with my OB next week and keep you all posted on the findings.

~ Elizabeth

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