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Week 26 ~ February 27, 2008
~ Let The Wild Rumpus Begin

I love the story of Where The Wild Things Are. I do not have a Max, but I have a Kathryn and every time she needs to potty this is the book of choice. It also could be a story book written about a pregnant woman. I mean think about it; there's not wanting to eat certain foods, the fear of a "wild" thing in the house, feeling of needing to escape to another place, and when the baby really starts to move a wild rumpus is danced inside your tummy.

Speaking of movement, I had my first NST on Monday at 7:00am, because I had a mini panic attack. I had noticed that Liam wasn't his usual jovial self inside my womb and I kept a close eye on him. I could hardly sleep as I was anticipating his movement and finally at 6:00am I drank some juice and lay still. At 6:45am I just had a horrible feeling, got dressed and drove to the hospital where they immediately put me in a room and the monitor found his strong heart beat right away. After about 20 minutes of laying there he started moving around like his usual self much to my relief. The nurses and doctors were wonderful and my OB even came in to check on me and we decided that I would go ahead and start having a weekly NST (this is where they monitor fetal heartbeat/movement).

Part of me is struggling with thinking that in 12 weeks my baby boy could be here. I am so very excited to see who this little man is!

I hope this finds you all well and that Spring will be here quickly!

~ Elizabeth

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