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Week 32 ~ April 10, 2008
~ Nesting Already . . .

All of my babies have been early; Kathryn by a week and Mychaela passing 2 days before a c-section scheduled a week before her birth date. For those of you who have done this several times you get to know your body and its signals in ways never before imagined. With Liam, I know that the same is to be expected and here I am at the beginning of 32 weeks and in full nesting mode.

There are so many things that I want to do to prepare for the birth of Liam. Let me first say, that if this baby was a girl I think that I may have behaved differently (for those of you who do not know my daughter Mychaela Joelle passed away a couple days before her due date this past April), but Liam being clearly a boy has allowed me to enjoy this process more than I had originally thought. So my room is looking beautiful, I bought the paint for Kathryn's and Liam's room (a light yellow called "Pure Laughter") and set up the crib in my bedroom. Liam won't be in there for awhile but it feels good to know that I am doing something for him. It may sound macabre to some but I don't know how much time I'll have with him so I am trying to enjoy each moment.

Kathryn is hilarious as she recognizes some of the clothes that we have bought and the new bed as "Liam's" but what is a Liam anyway? She put one of his newborn hats on her toy dog, put him in the new bed and said, "Shhh . . . doggie sleeping Mommy. Be quiet."

Today I did a deep cleaning of Kathryn/Liam's room. Oh the joy of sanitizing toys! I went ahead and converted her crib to a toddler bed since she's going to be a big sister, plus she's ready for the change. Potty training Kathryn has kept me busy, but for the most part we are successful. I am hoping that this will be done before Liam's arrival.

Tomorrow I have primer and paint for both my mom and sister to help redo the kids' room; while later on a friend is going to bring her daughter, who is a little older than Kathryn, for a play date. She has a newborn girl as well so I'm hoping to get some pointers on the balancing act that is not too far off in my future.

I hope this finds you all well.

Take Care,
~ Elizabeth

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