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Week 35 ~ May 1, 2008
~ Let The Countdown Begin . . .

William "Liam" Michael Sloan will officially be here on May 29th, 2008. Check-in time 10:00am with a c-section starting at 12:00 pm. Let the official freak out begin as in less than 30 days the Little Man will be here!

Kathryn and I actually made a paper chain a few days back so that before her bedtime she can take off one link. Each link has the actual date written on it and anything attributed to Liam, such as NST, OB, Pre-op, and baby shower dates.

Lying in bed the other night Bill actually told me that he is starting to get excited! That made me feel really good as we haven't talked much about Liam and I've noticed that he has been more reserved in showing affection to my tummy this time around.

I've already decided (and Bill agreed *wink, wink*) that on the Thursday I go in Bill will stay the night with me in the hospital, but for the next two nights he will be home with the kids, especially Kathryn. My mom will stay with me in the hospital for the next two nights. My sister is going to come over and help from Thursday-Monday and then my mom will be at my home for the duration of that week.

Ladies, if this is your first baby, heck, if it's not your first, LET PEOPLE HELP YOU! I am very much an independent minded woman. I like to think of myself as strong, but while it may not affect you the first few weeks or the first few months, the exhaustion will catch up with you. When people ask what they can do, I found that a dinner (with disposable dishes you don't have to wash and return) was the best! If someone in the grocery asked if I needed help out to my car I say "yes" (although I've only recently started doing this).

Back to Liam, he's moving around great and each bump can wake me up. I'm sure this is due to some anxiety on my part. Some nights I'm up 6-8 times a night using the restroom or feeling him squirm and other nights I'll only get up 2-3 times!

If this is your first, or not, do your kick counts!!! This is especially important towards the ending of your pregnancy. Not only do I know this from personal experience, but all the pregnancy books say it is so, and some O.B.'s fail to stress the importance for baby's health and mommy's state of mind.

The other night I also had a dream that I was breastfeeding Liam and he looked like Kathryn. I often wonder what he will look like. Sometimes I can drift off for five minutes just smiling and thinking about him.

Here's to 28 days!

~ Elizabeth

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