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Week 38 ~ May 28, 2008
~ D-Day

Well, it has been quite the journey up to this point and I'm looking forward to its continuance.

Tonight I have my appointment with the anesthesiologist to go over the procedure, give some blood, and have my final NST. Tomorrow, May 29th, I'll be checking in at the hospital at 10am and they will start the c-section at noon. Hopefully, if all goes well it will be a 30-45 minute procedure and I'll be in recovery for about an hour. Afterwards Liam and I will be in our room for the next few days with lots of visitors. Everyone seems to be anticipating this birth and going back and forth between excitement and anxiety. It is a time where we look forward to meeting this new person but can't help but think that a little over a year ago holding my daughter Mychaela who did not come home.

To be honest, it's all a bit surreal.

I have been feeling him move and am still obsessive about counting his movements. No wonder I can't sleep at night; every wiggle wakes me up thrilled that I am feeling him move. I also can't shake this nausea that accompanies me each morning. I thought I was done with that in the first trimester! My back aches a bit and where my scar is from my previous two c-sections are sending weird sensations over my tummy, but you know what? I embrace being uncomfortable! My baby is alive and this is my last pregnancy so I'm soaking up the last 24 hours.

I went and had my hair cut and styled and had a deluxe pedicure the other day . . . baby blue toes of course!

I can't believe that this is my last journal entry before I fill you all in on Liam's birth story!

I'll fill you in with pictures and story as soon as possible.

Take Care,
~ Elizabeth

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