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Emily's Pregnancy Journal

Entry 1 ~ December 30, 2009
Mighty Titus

Emily and TitusWell here we are, already four weeks past Titus' birth. (Sniff, sniff.) Where did the time go? It's amazing how fast the time goes by when you don't want it to. Certainly not when you're pregnant though, that's for sure. It will be nice to get past the sleepless nights, even though they are better than when being pregnant. At least now I sleep a lot deeper in between getting up, since I am much more comfortable. I'm really enjoying being able to sleep on my right side or back without worrying about it.

TitusTitus is growing so fast and he is really starting to plump up now. His legs are getting rolls on them, and he has a couple of chins now. He's such a little sweetie! At four weeks, he already weighs in at 11 pounds, 4 ounces! He is a pretty good eater. He is just still so sleepy that I have to let him nurse on one side, and then change his diaper so he will wake up and eat well again. Otherwise, he wants to eat almost every hour. Silly boy! Also, I am finding there are quite a few foods that I am not able to eat since they really seem to make his tummy upset. For a little while there, he was spitting up quite frequently, but I think we are starting to get a pretty good handle on it. I'm afraid to say that peanut butter, cheese, and bread are some of the many things on the list of things I can't have anymore. Maybe I should just stop eating??

TitusEverything went REALLY well with Titus' circumcision. What a relief! It's so hard to sit there and listen to them cry while they perform the procedure. I'm always a wreck during this time. Luckily for me, Jeremy feels this is his thing to take care of, so I only have to listen instead of watch. Still pretty bad, but it could be worse. I'm just glad it is over with. I was very concerned that going with a new doctor was going to come back to bite us. Thank goodness, that was not the case. This doctor did the Gomco method, and we were very pleased with it. I would definitely recommend to those out there to go with this method over the Plastibell procedure. You do not have to worry about waiting for the little plastic ring to fall off. With Michael's, the ring fell off . . . mostly. Part of it was still stuck to the skin. Then we had a couple of days of trying to be really careful not to bump it or pull it when we changed him. Not fun! So, since this method has nothing left on him after it is done, it was far superior. We only had to change some gauze.

titusTitus makes some of the funniest noises, especially when we change his diaper. They sound very horse or sheep-like. Very cute! It's fun to watch and see all of the sweet little things each child will do. Isabelle and Michael are adjusting quite well to Titus. They love to hold him and kiss him, and Isabelle has started calling him "Mighty Titus." It is very sweet! Things are definitely a little more stressful the more kids you have, but worth every second of it! I think the most difficult time right now is when I am nursing Titus and stuck in one place. That's when they find the time to be the naughtiest. I'm sure they can sense it is when I'm at my weakest. When I remember, I try to get out a puzzle or books for them so they can sit still a little longer. Oh well, I guess. This too shall pass.

We are enjoying watching Titus grow. It's fun to watch and see who he looks like each week, since he is changing so much at this age. One week I see Jeremy in him and just a few days later, I will see Isabelle or Michael. Babies are so much fun!


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