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Entry 10 ~ June 22, 2010
Potty Training, Parades, & Ponderings

Parade!I am afraid to report that I have been failing miserably this time with potty training. I have been having so much trouble being consistent with Michael. Any sort of tips or suggestions here would definitely be welcomed. smile We will be doing well for a couple of days and then something comes along and completely messes up our routine. I have been using the cloth training pants with plastic covers some too. Partly so he will be able to better feel when he is wet, and partly because I am a little more consistent in taking him, since they are less pleasant to change. I guess I am just a little discouraged about it right now, but I am sure we will eventually get it taken care of.

I went to the library this last week just to get some new books for the kids, and while I was there they asked me if I had signed the kids up in the summer reading program. I assumed it would be where you would bring your kids in and have them listen to some stories at the library. I guess they do this type of story time reading too, but they also are starting this summer program where if we can read to the kids for 30 minutes per day, they can earn different prizes and books throughout the summer. Isabelle really loves reading, so she is pretty excited about it! The story time reading does sound like it would be nice for them, but I do like that there is something that we can do in the comfort of our home.

Parade!This past Friday evening, we took the kids to the Dairy Days Parade that is an annual event, about a half hour from where we live. They have quite a few different floats, fire trucks, horses, old cars, and we must not forget the cheese, candy, and chocolate milk they hand out. smile Isabelle and Michael were not feeling quite top notch, I'm afraid. Michael had been sick a few days earlier with a fever and he had also thrown up. Apparently he had shared with his sister. We decided to go anyway and hoped that it would be a good distraction for them. Luckily it was, and they both really enjoyed watching to see what would be coming down the road next!

Titus ended up getting sick on Saturday too; all three little ones with fevers. Ugh! I know that I have mentioned this before in my pregnancy journal, but I HATE it when they get fevers. For those who haven't read the journal, Isabelle had febrile seizures just before she was a year old. It was pretty rotten having her wake up in the night and holding her while she had a seizure. Particularly when you haven't a clue what is happening. Thank the Lord, after MANY tests they could not find anything that would be causing the fever, and the spike in temperature, which was causing the seizures.

If only one could have some sort of manual after your baby was born. I do realize that is not really practical. After all, I have three little ones who are all so very different, even at this age. Still, it would be so nice to know just how much I overreact sometimes, when I am too hard on them, when I am too easy on them, and all of these moments when I think, "What in the world do I do now?" I am just very thankful that they all are worth every single second of stress and uncertainty. I really do love being their mama!

Titus!Since the kids were sick, we didn't end up going to the park for Father's Day like we were hoping to. Instead, we stayed home and made cards for Jeremy. They still enjoyed that since they like anything crafty. I really appreciate Jeremy and what an awesome daddy he is. He is so great with the kids and is always doing something with them, like reading, playing legos, telling them stories, taking them on walks, being the 'horse' for them to ride on, and the list goes on and on. He is such a hard worker and does it all for us! I am so blessed to have him as my husband and the father of my sweet little kids.

Happy Father's Day to all the dads who are an amazing part of some little one's life!

Here are some pictures from the parade of Isabelle and Michael waving to the pretty ladies on their horses! Also there is one of Titus sitting up, with a little help!

Until next time . . .

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