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Entry 12 ~ July 20, 2010
Making Progress!

hikingI am happy to report that Titus is doing better with the baby food situation. We did take him to our naturopathic doctor and there were just two different foods that seemed to not be good for him right now, but overall everything looked good. I did find, however, that I had some digestive issues that were out of whack and seemed to be affecting him. Since probably 80 percent of his food intake still comes from nursing right now, it is a fairly big deal. You've got to love it when you are the source of their problems.

I also received a tip from another parenting journalist to put some prunes in whatever he eats for a while to help him out a little. (Thanks again, Kari!) We have been doing that too, and we have seen pretty good results already. Yay! I really hate it when they are so uncomfortable, so it is nice to see things getting better again.

We took a day this last week and took the kids for a drive into the mountains. It was a nice little day trip for us. The kids always love playing in vast amounts of dirt! Luckily, we were able to find a nice shallow water bed that Michael and Isabelle were able to run around in without us needing to hold onto them the whole time. It was nice for them to get a little bath too before loading up and heading home.

So, here I am once again, seeking any and all input on our kids' bedtime routine. I think I am beyond desperate. We have tried in the past to give them warm milk before bedtime. It helped some, but the only problem with that is when you are trying to get them to have dry pull-ups through the night, giving them a huge drink before bed is probably not the best. So we stopped doing that.

Michael and Isabelle splashingWe always read, sing, and do our prayers together, but that has not really helped much in getting them to settle down and be ready for bed either. I'm really not sure what else to do, since poor little Michael really cannot sit still for much more than about a minute. He is always moving around. When they lay down, it just becomes one big party time after we leave the room. They find AMAZING things to do while we are not in there, from playing with stuff in the closet and under the crib, to taking the blankets off the beds, and let's not forget "The Great Pajama Swap," where they take off their own pajamas and give them to the other person to wear. Even though this is very funny, it is not helpful in the evening.

Of course, our ideal fix for everything would be for us to put them into separate bedrooms, but unfortunately, we live in a house where that is just not possible right now. So, I'm pleading for any suggestions here. I'm really beginning to dread bedtime, just because I know how much work is involved in keeping them in bed and how late they actually end up going to sleep. I can't wait until Titus gets old enough to partake in this craziness with his siblings.

titus!This past week Titus has reached another milestone. He has started the crawling process. Right now he gets up on his hands and knees and will move a little but still just splats out on the floor. He will also sometimes look like he is doing a pushup with his hands and toes and the floor and his little bottom hiked up in the air. It's very funny! I'm not really looking forward to chasing him all over, but it is fun to see them reach these different stages.

Here are two pictures from our day trip, and also one of Titus doing his pushups. I also thought it might be time to update our main family picture, since Titus is not six weeks old anymore!


Until next time . . .

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