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Entry 14 ~ August 17, 2010
Hot Days and Cool Playdough!

Isabelle and MichaelOur summer here started off a little bit on the mild side as far as temperatures are concerned, but it appears that August is going to make up for that. We had several days that were in the high nineties. It's hard to get excited about going outside to do work or even to go do something fun. I don't know how people in Arizona survive. That being said, I still prefer the heat to the cold!

In my attempt to find indoor activities for the kiddos, I found this link on the StorkNet website on how to make playdough, and lots of other homemade crafts. We did spend part of a morning making playdough, which was not hard at all. The kids really liked being able to choose their own color, and they spent lots of time making all kinds of stuff with it. It's definitely something we will be doing again!

Over about a four day period, Titus had two new teeth come in. It certainly explains his fussiness. Although even when he is fussy, he still manages to be pretty smiley! He also has found that he can pull himself up to things now, like the couch, or the kids' toys. Only problem with this is he is still a bit on the tippy side and has some trouble coming back down gracefully. Luckily his siblings are ready to swoop in and help/attack him at a moments notice. They do love Titus, but they are still just a bit rough with him. I know he will survive.

Jeremy and I have been trying to spend a couple of days a week exercising together, which also has included some weight lifting. It is always hard to find time when the kids are asleep, so we usually just exercise with them around. They love it when it's time to exercise and will try and pick the weights up and do some reps by themselves. Luckily, since I am very weak, the kids do not have too much trouble lifting one of my weights at a time! It's fun to watch them count by themselves, since they haven't learned we are counting our reps, not counting as fast as we can!

It's hard to believe that in just a few weeks, September will be here. It does not seem possible for fall to almost be here. I guess it's time to prepare for a new school season. I am excited to start this with Isabelle. I do not feel near as intimidated as last year, thanks to the homeschool convention we attended earlier this year. Isabelle has also been showing a lot more interest in it. She will just ask for paper and a pencil and sit down and try to spell out all kinds of words and names. This past week she has also been asking us to help her add numbers, so hopefully things will go smoothly!

Here is a picture of Michael and Isabelle with their boots on, since it was so 'cold' outside. Ha, ha!

Until next time . . .

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