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Entry 15 ~ September 8, 2010
A Nice End to the Summer!

It does not seem possible, but Titus is now nine months old. He is getting so big! Not chubby, just tall mostly. He now weighs in at 20lbs, 4oz. He is wearing 12 month clothing, but he probably could almost wear 9 month sized pants still. He has a pretty long torso, but short little legs. It is so cute to see him when he stands up by something. Isabelle and Michael both have pretty long legs. It will be interesting to see if that changes for Titus or not.

Due to Titus' increase in length, we finally have decided to move up in car seats again. We have been meaning to switch them for a little while now, but finally got around to it. Titus has moved into Michael's old seat, and we got a booster seat for Michael. It's pretty funny to watch Titus now in a forward facing car seat, and needless to say, Michael was pretty excited to get a new seat just for him.

We are also enjoying the fact that the kids can't pester Titus quite as much now since they can't reach him as easily as they used to. There was a time were I really thought that when we had three kids we would NEED a bigger car. I have since come to realize that although that would be nice, it is not a necessity.

The times where the kids fight with each other and mess with Titus, is definitely the hardest, but this too shall pass. Ha, ha! Who knows, maybe someday soon Jeremy will have steady work again and that will change. Until then, we are just very thankful that we have a car that runs and has not left us stranded somewhere.

We also have officially started school. I am looking forward to getting back into a routine, and I know that Isabelle does much better when there is something consistent to challenge her. For having had the summer off, she is doing quite well with sounding out words again. She is picking it up very quickly. It's amazing how much difference a few months can make!

Michael needs to be working on his letters a little bit. He knows them pretty good, but could still use a little work with that. He struggles just a little with his pronunciation sometimes, but overall is doing well. I'm sure if we spend some more time with the ABC puzzles that we have, he will be good to go!

Unfortunately, we were not able to make it to the fair this year like we had hoped. Luckily we had not told the kids yet, so they did not know what they missed. We did, however, go to a Hot Air Balloon Rally that was going on in Boise over Labor Day weekend. We were hoping it would help ease the pain from not going to the fair.

We went on Saturday morning, bright and early. Liftoff time was at 7:10 a.m. and then we went back in the evening for the night glow presentation. The kids did have lots of fun and have been talking about it since. The past several nights when I put the kids to bed, Michael keeps asking if we are going to go see the balloons in the morning. He's a cutie!

Here are a few pictures from our fun day at the Balloon Rally. One is from the morning with several of the balloons lifting off, there is one of Isabelle and Michael playing while the Coca Cola balloon was being inflated, and the last was from the night glow!

Until next time . . .

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