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Entry 16 ~ October 5, 2010
Potty Training . . . Such a Load of Crap!

IsabelI believe the time has come for us to introduce some chores around here. Who knows, maybe we are a little slow in starting them for Isabelle anyway, but I'm sure there are some things they both can be doing. I found an idea for making a magnetic chore chart where you print off pictures/words to make your own magnets. It has been a lot of fun for me to make them. I really enjoy crafty stuff though. I will have to post pictures of them when I am done.

So here I am bringing up the potty training with Michael again. I really am struggling with what to do for him right now. He did okay for a little while back when we first started, but ever since he just does not seem to be getting it. I have heard some people say that boys are slower, but I really do not know what else to try with him right now.

We have tried rewarding with treats, little toys, and stickers. We have also tried to use the cloth training pants in hopes that he remembers better to tell us. It just does not seem to matter what we try or how consistent we are, since he still just ends up being wet or messy. He does tell us about that though, after it has happened, of course. Most of me is ready to give up right now, but I also really don't want him to be five when it finally happens. Sigh! I just wish I could figure out something that would work for him. Any tips would be more than awesome right now.

MichaelMost of this past month, Titus was still having a lot of trouble transitioning to solids. It seemed like he really wanted to nurse more than eat solid food. By ten months old, Isabelle and Michael were eating quite a bit more fruits and veggies. However, I'm happy to say that in the last week or so, Titus has made very big improvements towards eating more solid food and still having plenty of messy diapers. I must admit I was not sad to be changing fewer messy diapers during the day, but I am glad that he is on the right track again. Hopefully it will stay that way and he can start working towards nursing just two or three times a day. It's not that I mind the nursing, but just know it is time to start making the transition.

I'm always disappointed to wind down to the end of my time nursing each of them. I really enjoy that bonding time with them. Although, Isabelle and Michael both decided when they were done, and there was nothing I could do to continue on despite my MANY attempts. Isabelle quit at 13 1/2 months, but I did find out soon after that were expecting Michael, and Michael just quit at 9 1/2 months. I suppose the one nice thing about them quitting is that I don't have that struggle anymore of how much longer. It will be interesting to see what happens with Titus.

TitusWe have been trying to do outside things lately since we know that this nice warm weather is not going to be here much longer. We have a bicycle that was given to us for Isabelle to use and decided to get it ready for her. We got it out to see if she would be tall enough for it now, or if we needed to wait a little bit still. She actually fits it really well, and her feet even touch the ground too. I think this will be an area where her father can help her. It will be much better for him to be running after her. It will be fun to see how she does with it. I can't believe my baby is ready to ride a bike!

This coming weekend, our church is putting on a women's retreat a few hours away from here. I will be taking Titus and will be gone Friday thru Monday. My sisters, my mom, and my mother-in-law will all be going too. I am really looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Isabelle and Michael are going to be spending the weekend with their awesome daddy! I'm sure they will all have fun.

Here a few random pictures of the kids. Isabelle took a little tumble down the stairs and was showing off her wounds, Michael was not a hundred percent sure he wanted to be on the horse…but quickly warmed up, and our smiley Titus boy!

Until next time . . .

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